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Solar Power

In Australia, solar power presents an unprecedented opportunity for residential households and commercial businesses. Save money on energy bills, cut harmful emissions and invest in your future with our top quality equipment.

Another advantages of going solar is that you can get STC incentives up-front. So, you do not need to pay the full price for your new solar panels. Enerklean sorts this out for you by offering an up-front discount for the solar panel rebates.

In addition to this, Enerklean guarantees a cost-effective, quick and reliable solar power solutions. Our partnerships with tier one national and international manufacturers guarantee you get the highest quality equipment in production. Further, our accredited solar installers and extended warranties guarantee that you’ll be making money on your investment for decades to come.

Furthermore, solar power should save you money as you can use solar energy at your premises and export excess energy back to the grid and get credited if you are a domestic consumer. This is called Feed in Tariff or FIT. Alternatively, Enerklean offers battery storage solutions along with the solar systems, so you can store any excess solar power in your battery storage systems rather than send it back to the grid.

Also, commercial properties often have a big roof space suitable for solar panels. Therefore, business owners can save a huge amount of money by installing solar panels.

Additionally, Enerklean is an accredited renewable energy developer by Macquarie bank who can offer finance options to its clients.

Finally, Enerklean set up a real time solar power online monitoring system on your mobile-phone or iPad, hence you will be able to monitor your solar energy generation anytime from across the world.

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Monthly Solar Saving Figures (WA)

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*Figures provided are based on the assumptions and an approximate guide only.