solar monitoring system app

Solar monitoring system

Our online solar monitoring system is a wireless web-based tool that provides the following information regarding your Australian solar power system on smart devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets and computers:

  • Number of kilowatts the solar panels are generating at the time you run a check
  • How much energy has been generated in total since the day your solar power system was installed
  • How many tonnes of CO2 your solar panels have saved from release into the air
  • Amount of money you have saved on your power bill
  • Interactive charts

Setting up your Online Solar Monitoring System

Enerklean only supplies solar systems with in-built Wi-Fi systems. On the day of installation, a PV performance monitoring system will be installed on your smart devices by our technicians. To set up your solar panel’s online performance monitoring system, you simply need to download an app on your smart device. As long as you have a reliable Wi-Fi internet connection at your  home, your monitoring system will be ready to go.

solar monitoring system app

solar monitoring | Enerklean

The Benefits

Regardless of where you are in the world, you will be able to check and monitor information regarding your Australian solar power system whenever you have access to the internet.

Moreover, our online solar power monitoring tool provides real-time data that will give Australian homeowners and businesses proof and peace of mind that their solar panels are working as efficiently as they should be. In addition, any solar system that is installed by Enerklean will also be monitored by our technical team for immediate fault detection and troubleshooting purposes.

Solar Power Professionals

Finally, Enerklean offers effective and reliable solar power solutions to homes and businesses across Australia. Using our effective solar monitoring systems, you can ensure that you get the most out of your solar power system after the day of installation.

If you want to reduce your energy costs and go renewable, call us today for a free solar quote.