solar hot water

Solar Hot Water

At Enerklean, we believe our clients should only receive the best possible solar hot water systems. That’s why we only supply Evacuated Tubes solar water heating systems from a trusted Australian manufacturer and supplier, Apricus. Furthermore, evacuated tubes systems are globally recognised as the most efficient solution to heat water using energy harnessed from the sun. Importantly, as opposed to older technologies, flat panels, this newer technology is extremely efficient. In addition to this, it can still operate in cold weather conditions due to an effective insulation system.

A complete Evacuated tubes solar hot water system includes:
Solar Collector (Evacuated tubes)
Boosting options which is a backup energy source. This could be gas such as natural gas or electric booster.
Hot water storage tank
Pump kit

The Benefits

With an Evacuated Tubes hot water system, you can save up to 80% off your water heating power or gas consumption per year. Additionally, the evacuated tubes technology is highly resistant to weather damage and requires very little maintenance. Therefore, with evacuated tubes system, you can get the most out of your hot water with minimal effort. Particularly, Apricus solar water heater systems come with 15 years warranty, which is incredible in solar hot water industry.

Finally, the good news is that you can get rebates for your solar hot water system likewise what you get for your solar power system. We offer STC incentives as an up-front discount to our clients.

Our services

Enerklean works with Australian homes and businesses to identify the solar hot water package that best meets their needs. From selection of a proper water heating system through to the end of the installation process, we provide a complete service.

If you have any questions about our solar hot water systems please have a look at our FAQ page or alternatively contact us.

Custom Installs

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Average Annual Hot Water Running Costs*

  • Electric Booster
  • Gas Booster
  • Solar Hot Water
*Hot water running costs based on publicly available data.