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Solar battery storage

Solar energy has become one of the fastest growing energy sources in Australia and, indeed, the world. Experts say that the solar systems market has soared, doubling in size in less than a decade. The popularity of solar power has led to rise of battery storage systems, a technological device that has the capacity to store solar power for use at a later time. There are a number of manufacturers that are developing solar power storage devices. Battery systems can be installed along with solar systems to help light our premises.

How does it work?

To appreciate this source of power, understanding how the system works is a good starting point. A typical system will have a number of components, there are solar PV panels, inverters, solar batteries and a real-time energy monitoring system which keeps tracks of the energy produced among other statistics. The solar panel is the component that collects energy from the sun; here it is also converted into electricity. It is then passed to the inverter, a component that converts the sun energy into a form that can be used to light the house.

Benefits of energy storage systems

Sometimes you won’t need to use the energy right away; that’s when a solar battery comes in handy. The component converts the energy which is produced by the panels and stores it. The size of the battery will determine the amount of the energy stored, the higher the capacity, the larger the storage.
Instead of sending the excess into the grid, the solar battery will store the power and you can use it later. When the solar panels are not producing electricity you will be able to draw on the stored power. Only when the solar battery is fully charged will you send electricity back into the grid.

In a nutshell, the solar battery storage devices help in storing excess power from the solar panels. With these, you can use it during the night. Also the battery storage protects your home from power outages as well as reducing your reliance on the grid supply. With a good battery, you won’t only save on electricity bills but will also be contributing to a cleaner environment.

Renewable energy Professionals

Enerklean provides renewable energy solutions including solar power and energy storage systems to homes and businesses. If you’re planning to take your home or business solar, our renewable energy experts will provide you with the service and advice you need.

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