Commercial solar

Save money won power bill with solar power

Ever wondered how to cut the costs of your business’ power bill? The solar power experts at Enerklean explain how Australian businesses can save money with commercial solar power.

A cost-effective solution

Solar power is the most cost-effective type of power a business can use to reduce their energy bill, especially when their solar system is installed with no upfront cost! Without this cost, Australian businesses can start saving money on their bills from the day of installation.

Moreover, Enerklean offer a finance package to businesses across Australia that allows them to go solar without paying upfront. What’s more, we assure our clients that their finance monthly repayment will be lower than their solar savings.

As an example, a 20kW commercial solar system installed by Enerklean includes approximately 80 solar panels and can save your business $800 per month. Since the finance repayment is about $350 to $400 per month, this means that your solar system will not only pay for itself, but you could actually earn money from your solar savings.

commercial solar power

Cutting costs

The average power bills for Australian businesses are shown below:

Business SizeLow end usage (kWh)High end usage (kWh)
Micro business5,00015,000
Small business15,00025,000
Medium business30,00050,000

Therefore, Enerklean have already listed solar saving figures for Micro businesses spending up to $2400 per month on their electricity bill. These figures show that the average payback period for a commercial solar system is less than 3 years for businesses. From there on out, it’s smooth savings!

Save money with commercial solar power

Whilst commercial solar power systems can help you cut the costs of your monthly power bill. Hopefully, there are still massive government incentives available for businesses buying solar panels. In addition, if you qualify as a small business and are interested in solar, you can purchase as many solar PV as you like with an individual value of up to $20,000 each and claim a 100% depreciation deduction. For more information click here.

Finally, these incentives may not be around forever, and with electricity prices likely to increase year on year,  there’s never been a better time for businesses to invest in a commercial solar power system.

Go solar with Enerklean

Enerklean is an Australian-owned business that provides residential and commercial solar systems to homes and business across Australia. If you’re planning to take your business solar, our expert technicians will provide you with the service and advice you need to get the most out of your commercial solar system.

Ready to go solar? Contact Enerklean today or visit out website to get a solar quote.