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Renewable energy

Due to an increased awareness of the negative impact fossil fuels are having on the environment around us, the Australian government are looking more and more towards renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power to fuel our future. Since the rate of climate change and global warming have hit a high in recent years, it looks like the need to go green is more urgent than ever before. With these latest statistics in mind, the experienced team of renewable energy engineers at Enerklean are here to help you take the right steps towards a greener future with renewable energy. 

A Greener Generation

As it stands, scientific studies show that global warming is currently occurring at a rate unprecedented within the last 1000 years. Whilst these figures are daunting, they do seem to have provoked a positive response amongst the world’s leading nations. Whilst The Greens political party in Australia are gradually gaining more support for their environmentally-focused initiatives, recent years have seen increased investments in renewable energy sources across the globe. 

Even celebrities are standing up to have their say on the issue of global warming. Take oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, for example – the award-winning actor has established his own foundation to support investments in alternative energy sources and to campaign for the protection of our environment. The message is clear – we need to reduce our carbon footprint if we plan on preserving the future of our planet. Hamid Mir from Enerklean explains how renewable energy sources such as  solar power could be the solution to a greener future:

“If we’re going to fight climate change effectively, we have to acknowledge how much renewable energy is important.”

Plant a tree by going solar - greener future

A clean future with solar power

Whilst fossil fuels continue contributing to the ever-growing problem of global warming, renewable energies such as solar power could save tonnes of pollution from entering the atmosphere every year. The stats speak for themselves – 1kW of solar energy could save around 1 tonne of CO2 emissions annually. When you do the maths, this means that a typical domestic 5 kW solar power system could prevent around 5 tonnes of CO2 pollution every year. To put it into a different perspective, that’s the equivalent effect of planting 227 carbon dioxide-absorbing trees. Given the less harmful effect that renewable energy have on our environment, it’s clear that alternative energy sources such as solar power hold the key to a cleaner future in Australia.

Go Green with Enerklean

In the last three months alone, the team at  Enerklean have designed enough renewable energy systems across Australia to save 150 tonnes of CO2 emissions – that’s a lot of planted trees! If you want to take your Australian home or business green, our professional solar power engineers can help you choose the solar system that best suits your needs. 

Get in touch with the solar power professionals at Enerklean today to be a part of Australia’s greener future.