Commercial Solar Systems

Enerklean offer a wide range of Commercial Solar Systems for all types of business operations and commercial buildings.

Our accredited solar panel installers, workmanship guarantee and extended solar panel warranties minimise risks for businesses looking to invest in solar power. With a wide range of renewable energy products and commercial solar systems on offer, we help Australian businesses find the system that best suits their needs and sustainability plan. We focus on helping businesses maximise their savings potential by offering key information on solar power incentives and advice on how to minimise energy use.

Customised Solutions

Our solar power packages can be tailored to the individual needs of your business. At Enerklean, we’re committed to installing solar equipment that perfectly matches your commercial environment, and we understand that the requirements of each project may be different. We custom design all systems to each individual project, taking into account businesses’ power consumption, roof shape and the orientation of each commercial building. Whether you’re seeking specific components or full commercial solar systems, we are able to customise our solar power solutions to your business’ individual requirements.

Our services

The solar power experts at Enerklean are at hand to answer any queries you may have throughout the design and installation process. We offer constant contact and a complete service throughout each project, including the following elements:


  • Initial consultation
  • Site visit, analysis & review
  • Determination of Energy Consumption History
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Financial calculations such as payback calculations, O&M costs, LCOE and ROI
  • Advice on government incentives, FIT and STC/LGC rebates for solar systems
  • Advice on energy saving options