Battery Storage

Get the most out of your solar power system with Enerklean’s battery storage equipment. Batteries will store excess energy generated by your solar panels on-site, meaning you won’t have to buy energy back from the grid at peak rates later on.

The benefits

Without on-site storage, grid connect systems will direct excess electricity produced during the day back into the local electricity grid. You can then buy this energy back from the grid after sunset. Although you receive credit for any power you put into the grid, buying energy back during peak hours could cost you more money in the long run. By storing any excess energy with a battery storage system, you could avoid peak rates at night time. Whilst batteries are becoming a popular way for Australians to save money on their power bill, they also provide Australian households and businesses with increased energy independence.

High quality equipment

Enerklean’s battery storage equipment is compact, lightweight and modular, and can be expanded should you need to store additional power in the future. Depending on the battery system you choose (AC coupled or DC coupled), batteries can charge from the grid or from your individual solar system. Enerklean can assist you in the selection of a battery storage system to ensure you get the equipment that best suits your needs.

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